20171118 – Visiting Our Neighbors, One Door at a Time

Lisa Shin, her daughter Lydia, and I spent the better part of the day going door-to-door in Quemazon, meeting residents and handing out campaign material.

We tried not to impose on their valuable weekend, so for the most part, I introduced myself, gave them the material and offered to discuss perspectives, concerns and direction through later contact.

Of the people that engaged us in conversation, several are concerned about how the local government is being run and it did not fall along party lines. Many didn’t know who I was, which speaks volumes about the need to be face-to-face with the people you represent and its benefit.

Lots of people out and about on a Saturday afternoon, so we left the material on their doors. Some people not wanting to answer their doors. Maybe they thought we had something to sell. Little did they realize they had a chance to speak with a future councilor one-on-one. 🙂

I had a great conversation with Kristin Henderson at her home. The former Councilor had lots of questions about what I wanted to do and, as someone having been in the role, a lot of useful information. Like the lesson about talking with the people you represent, having some talk time with those you don’t always agree with often shows areas where you do agree, which helps break down a self-created, adversarial mentality. I appreciate having the chance to get caught up with her. She was able to clear up some hearsay information that I had assumed to be valid. She expressed support for my running for office. A very nice end to the day.

We are looking forward to future Saturdays to repeat the effort in other locations. We invite you to join us in meeting your neighbors in your Community and help us build a County Council that belongs to you.


Paid for by Citizens For Brady W Burke
Brady W Burke, Treasurer


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