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I’ve chosen to stop complaining and to take action to improve the relationship between the Los Alamos County Council and the voters of the County.

How?  By running for office.  Crazy, huh?

I will be a candidate for Los Alamos County Council in the November 2018 election.

I believe that our County government and the County Council have forgotten whom they serve.  I think the voters of the County have all but given up thinking that they have any input into how our government operates.  I want to change that.

But it will take all of us and a new County Council.

Unlike prior candidates who shook hands and kissed babies prior to elections, then forgot you once elected, I want to return to the ways of town hall meetings.  I want to tell you what we are considering and have your feedback before we commit an outrageous amount of money to a study and pilot program.

I’ll need your help.  I’ll need your vote.  If you can spare some dollars, I could put that to good use as well.

Thank you for letting me help all of us take back our community.



Hi, I’m Brady Burke.

I’m running for Los Alamos County Council in November 2018.

I’m a computer geek and a small business owner; not real estate, not property development, but Medical Billing.  I work at Los Alamos National Lab, but am not high enough up the food chain to even be considered a ‘Player’ in the relationship between LANL and Los Alamos County.

What does all that mean?

It means I’m an average Joe.  Dollar-wise, I make more than some, less than others.  I live in a quad and drive a car with 170K miles on it.  I’m like you.  I dream of winning the lottery, but, in the meantime, I have to watch my budget.

Why run for County Council?

I think we need to put the brakes on this runaway train.  Like us, the County and Council need to budget their/our money.  We need to bring some common sense and fiscal responsibility to how the County is run.  We have to stop the tendency to spend money every time the Council meets or every time some County department shows up to make a presentation.

Is it just me that will make these changes?

No.  It is you, the voter, and me.  We all have to get involved.  I’ll represent you as a County Councilor.  I’ll tell you what we are up to.  But, I need you to tell us what you want.  We should meet at least once per month.

If there are Councilors that do not share this free exchange and willingness to own their role, they’ve got to go.  There are more people in this town that want to make it better for all of us and we have to have them with us.

Let’s get together and take back our community.


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